Ginny Stone Mackin

Ginny Stone Mackin is an executive counselor to company executives, communications leaders and non-profit experts who want to improve the performance, value and impact of the functions in their organizations. She works with leaders in companies large and small with all types of operating cultures and personalities, and industries ranging from fashion and retail to financial services, public utilities and […]

Michele Towne

OWNER / PUBLISHER, INVITING ARKANSAS Michele Towne reflects the character of her magazine Inviting Arkansas. She’s gracious, generous and independent with undeniable Southern hospitality that creates instant friends. She established Inviting Arkansas in 2002 with a vision to bring  social, fashion and entertaining topics to interested Arkansans.  For almost 20 years, Inviting Arkansas remains the premier social magazine dedicated to […]

Fred Scarborough

Fred Scarborough, CFRE, is an accomplished executive who serves in several key leadership roles at Arkansas Children’s where he has been since 2005. Committed to excellence in all forms, Fred is mission-focused, metrics-driven and success-oriented. His strengths include the capacity to first envision organizational possibilities and then enroll others in that vision. At Arkansas Children’s, Fred serves as Executive Vice […]

Allison McElroy

Allison is a gregarious cocktail of people pleasing, approval seeking, and humor instigating – She’s like a bubbly spumante!? She finds life is better when you are friendly, engaging, funny, bubbly, warm, loyal, and a great listener. Allison will work hard to be YOUR FRIEND, and she will share her experience and knowledge to help you reach your professional and personal […]